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Mass Market Titles

Media mostly consumed by the mass market is 1st: TV (67.5%) and 2nd Newspapers (61.3%). Ads24 mass market titles reach 68% of the LSM 4-7 newspaper readers. These readers are worth R43.5 billion a month.


Afrikaans Titles

11.4 Million people can read and understand Afrikaans, Ads24 Afrikaans newspapers collectively reach 2.4 million Afrikaans readers. 88% of our Afrikaans newspaper readers read no other newspaper.


Sunday Titles

Ads24 Sunday Newspapers are bought weekly by 573 843 people and read by 6.1 million people. 62% of Ads24 Sunday newspaper readers rank newspaper as being a very important medium, 20% agree that it’s the most important.


Local Titles

Our bouquet of over 91 local titles reach 4.6 million people across all regions in South Africa. Compass24 readers on average earn R6 703pm and 23% earn R20,000 pm or more.

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Source: Effective Measure February 2015,
AMPS2014BA, Compass24 2014

Total audience reach in South Africa


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News Room

Informal is the new Normal

It is very easy for those living within the developed economy or formal sector in South Africa to understand the market dynamics of only one layer of South African society and ignore the developing economy or informal sector. “The Unilever UCT Institute became interested in studying marketing for the mass market as experience showed that […]

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Keeping up appearances

Status is very important and has great value amongst people in the mass market, it can sometimes be prioritised over basic needs. The savvy marketer will be able to in-still a sense of status and self-esteem through their brand, hopefully without exploiting consumers. Ads24 found that keeping up appearances was vitally important for their readers, […]

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From newspaper to shopping list – no last minute Lettie

The mass market in South Africa are very planned and calculated when it comes to shopping. Seventy-five percent of Survivors,  defined by the UCT Unilever Institute as people who earn less than R6000 per month,  do one bulk shop a month to minimise repeat travel and stockpile food to be secure.  They plan and scour […]

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Ads24’s mass market reach is more than just a number

The mass market accounts for two out of three consumers or 64% of the population and is significant because of its sheer size. The mass market offers opportunities to marketers, because the ‘ownership’ levels are not yet not saturated, in other words this market offers scope in which to grow. The market is dynamic, evolving, […]

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