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Path to Persuasion – Consumers dial-in to newspapers to make cellular decisions

Adspend in the cellular category for the 12 months, ending June 2012, comes in at an impressive R102 million. With 81% of the adult South African population privately owning cell phones, South Africa’s cellular giants continue to battle it out for market share. Recent... view more

Over 400 000 fans on the Daily Sun Facebook page

The Daily Sun Facebook page now has over 400 000 fans, which according to Social Bakers, places it second in the media category in terms of the number of Facebook followers. The social media team at Daily Sun attribute this growth to the unique content, delivery methodology and to fans who share their posts,... view more

Ads24's superheroes prove the 'Power of Press'

Ads24 launched their innovative ‘Power of Press’ campaign last week with sales teams bringing ‘real life’ superheroes and other characters to media agencies and sharing insightful facts about newspapers.  The first week’s activations took place at Starcom (JHB) and Nota Bene (CT)... view more

Power of press – Daily Competition. Terms and conditions

Power of press – Daily Competition Terms and conditions   1. The promoter is: Ads24 (a Division of Media24 Proprietary Limited) 2. Employees of Ads24 or their family members or anyone else connected in any way with the competition or helping to set up the competition shall not... view more

Ads24 release their 2014 rate card

Ads24 release their 2014 rate card Following thorough consultation and evaluation of market forces Ads24 is in a position to announce its 2014 rate card adjustments. Rate increases are never easy to communicate, but the good news for advertisers is that overall increases are lower than last year. “In our... view more

Media agencies will be offered significant discounts off Ads24 advertising during ‘The Power of Press’ campaign

Ads24 have conceptualised an innovative initiative to educate media agencies about the ‘power of press’. As part of ‘The Power of Press’ campaign media agencies will get an impressive percentage discounted off advertising... view more

Dispelling myths about newspapers

What is a newspaper? This may seem like a rhetorical question, but perhaps the answer lies at the core of what their future holds. Is the ‘heart’ of a newspaper black ink on white paper, or is it the content in a format that can be read, does it really matter if it is read on a screen or on paper? So perhaps... view more

Living Standards Measure 2014

Download The Ads24 Living Standards Measure 2014 here.

Ads24 launch their new InfoLab for up to date information

Ads24 has introduced a simpler and faster way to access all the features you know and love to use through the Ads24 InfoLab. The new tool has also replaced the old printed rate cards which are no longer available. There are a number of benefits to registering on the Ads24 InfoLab, the user will... view more

European readers put trust and value in print advertising Ads24 shares the latest INMA report Research Findings

European reader trust is still high, 80% of quality readers trust their newspaper. The International Newsmedia Marketing Association (INMA) has recently released their latest research that shows the efficacy of print advertising in Europe.... view more

Industry Opinions

Apple could charge a lot more – but should they?

Most of the things we own are OK, but a few special few are works of great craftsmanship, things of beauty. They give us pleasure in the same way that some houses, some architecture, is beautiful to look at. It’s … Continue reading →

Does iPhone enjoy greater loyalty than Samsung Galaxy?

This is a short summary of an earlier more extensive analysis of this issue. In short, no the iPhone doesn’t enjoy unexpected (magical) loyalty. Essentially iPhone looks as if it has more loyalty than Android smartphones because we aren’t comparing … Continue reading →

Is advertising on Facebook better than TV?

This morning I received this interesting question in the mail: Cadbury’s Social Media Manager claims a 7% sales increase in single Creme Egg sales over Easter after shifting from TV to Facebook (paid for and community management). Knowing that Facebook … Continue reading →

The heavy buyer fallacy

It seems obvious, a brand’s currently heaviest buyers generate more sales and profits (per customer) so they should be the primary target for marketing. This is commonly held misconception. The rise of direct marketing and CRM gave this fallacy a … Continue reading →

Apple’s mythical price premium

I’ve written previously questioning the marketing orthodoxy to aim for a price premium, and specifically on the myth of Apple’s price premium. Here is another nice quote from Steve Jobs, interviewed on stage alongside Tim Cook (current CEO). He was … Continue reading →

Advertising Age votes “How Brands Grow” the best marketing book

Readers of Advertising Age have voted “How Brands Grow” the best read of Summer 2013. The competition was large, many books, some awful, but also some very worthy research-based books such as: Thinking Fast & Slow by Daniel Kahneman The … Continue reading →

Are iPhone owners more loyal than Android owners? a marketing scientist takes a look

Several studies have recently reported that US iPhone owners are more loyal than owners of Android-based smart phones.  These have been widely reported in the press.  The coverage on blogs and in the press is of patchy quality, with no … Continue reading →

A short critique of “a critique of Double Jeopardy”

Bongers, M. & Hofmeyr, J. 2010. ‘Why modeling averages is not good enough – a critique of Double Jeopardy.’ Journal of Advertising research, 50:3, 323-33. A longer explanation of the mistakes made in the above article can be read in: … Continue reading →

Bad service habits

One of the most important functions of marketing is cultural, to prevent the organisation from slipping into a production orientation, to keep it focussed on the customer and the market. Recently I was told off in the Bordeaux Apple Store, … Continue reading →

The role of government is to provide great infrastructure/environment for ALL business

Job losses at icon brand companies make big headlines. Politicians are addicted to giving taxpayers money to large businesses, including trying to lure them into their electorate. We all love the idea of having the next Apple or Google in … Continue reading →