Meet Adsman – a normal guy, except for one thing – he appears to be made entirely from newsprint. From the tips of his shoes to the top of his hat (including his face), Adsman is pure print journalism. Adsman is an essential part of all 4 of Ads24’s reader communities – From watching a game in the Afrikaans community to hanging out in a barber shop with the Mass Market community, the silent mascot is comfortably present.

Being part of the fabric of these 4 communities means that Adsman truly understands them and therefore can provide valuable insights which are very useful for media planners and clients. Adsman represents news, which is the conversation piece of millions and by association, so are brands that advertise with us. Adsman is the ultimate South African citizen and he lives in the hearts and conscience of ordinary SA communities through each word and picture in a news. 

Adsman Videos