We reach 6 in 10 South Africans. There, we started with the thunder clap. That includes print readers, digital readers and that annoying guy who peers over people’s shoulders to read the latest sports scores. Of course, the exact percentages may change a point here or there but, on average, we touch the lives of over half of all South Africans adults.

Yes, we have what those clever people at AMPS call “reach”. And you can check out our Brands section to find out exactly who we talk to.

But while who we engage with is important, what is as important is how we engage.

We are part of the Media24 Group. We have 97 titles. From our Dailies to our Sunday papers to our locals, we reach almost every target segment in South Africa, no small achievement in a country as diverse as ours. But the most exciting fact is how we become part of the community that we serve.

A news reader is an engaged reader. Our news brands play an important and unique role in their daily lives. At Ads24, we see beyond the numbers, beyond the LSMs, to connect with the people on a personal level. Yes, we’ve got the stats, yes, we’ve got the numbers but we’ve also got the insights.

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