Ads24 - Food for Thought Highlights

Ads24s hosted its second “Food for Thought” at Hyde Park, in what is becoming much-anticipated annual fodder for the media industry’s top minds. The event aims to promote innovative thought and inspire excellence through interactive discussion, networking and socio-political and economic insight from acclaimed speakers Clem Sunter and Dawie Roodt.



Ads24 - Food for Thought Dawie Roodt

Economist and political analyst Dawie Roodt took audience members at Ads24’s Food for Thought event through a condensed history of world economics before exploring future scenarios featuring block-chain economies and cryptocurrencies. Food for Thought is an annual event that aims to promote innovative thought and inspire excellence among the media industry’s top minds.





ADS24 Food for Thought Clem Sunter

Speaking at Ads24’s annual Food for Thought event, management strategist and scenario planner Clem Sunter explained the importance of scenario planning for successful business to audience members before identifying flags (areas of concern) that could significantly impact global futures. Food for Thought aims to promote innovative thought and inspire excellence among media professionals.



Ads24 - Food for Thought Panel Discussion

Professor Nick Binedell, founder and ex dean of the Gordon Institute of Business Science, hosted our panel and shared many of his own insights into how South Africa can approach the opportunities and challenges over the next 18 months to get our political and economic ducks in order.





Ads24  Food For Thought 2018 Pictures

A morning of in-depth, interactive discussion, networking, socio-political and business insights and fascinating food.