Ads24 Food for Thought 2019

Ads24 staged yet another wildly successful Food for Thought event in Durban and Johannesburg recently. Now in its third year, Food for Thought is annual opportunity to flip perceptions, fire-up brain cells and get industry experts thinking and talking about the forces shaping the future of business.



Ads24 Food for Thought 2019 AI in Our Future

Speaking at Ads24’s recent Food for Thought – an annual media industry event that invites progressive learning and debate around the economic, political, environmental and technological forces shaping the future of business – Richard Mulholland drew on the idea that given the galactic pace at which technology is advancing, problem solving is the panacea to all that ails stagnating businesses. At the same time, legacy thinking is the greatest enemy of business, now and in the future.



Ads24 Food for Thought 2019 - Humans in Our Future

As the advertising and marketing industries experience a shift towards increased mechanisation, automation and the use of AI, humanist Brad Shorkend believes it’s imperative that leaders learn to create work environments based on individualised experiences, so that brands can remain true to human values.