Family finance decisions are made on Sundays

07 Dec 2016

Sundays, for many, are family days and a time of rest and relaxation. A day to unwind, dream of and plan for the future. Family finance decisions are often made on Sundays when there is time to discuss budgets for big ticket items. Sunday newspapers are ideal for marketers to engage with a receptive audience that is actively researching how to allocate household income.

Time to decide on big ticket items

A joint purchase decision is frequently reached in homes on a Sunday, while the purchase can take place up to two weeks after the conversion was achieved by an advert in the Sunday paper. The decision of how to spend or invest the ‘big’ money is often reserved for a family conversation on a Sunday, with the newspaper close at hand. The link is therefore not always obvious, but Sundays are a time when the seed is planted about which new car, sofa, fridge, washing machine or flat screen television to purchase.

The longstanding trend of the automotive industry to launch a new car with a television commercial on Friday night, and follow this up with a print campaign in the Sunday newspapers is still common practice - because it’s a strategy that works.

Contemplating financial security

Sundays are a day of contemplation, perhaps of spiritual or religious matters, but also of achieving financial security, if not independence. It is possible to contemplate and then decide as a family whether it is the right time to sign up for a new insurance policy, to start investing in the stock market, or to change service providers or banks.

Feeding the soul

On a less serious note, Sunday leisure time allows the reader to consider if the way they have been dressing really suits who they aspire to be, to think about a new recipe they want to try out, trip they want to go on, restaurant they want to visit, or show they want to see.

Budgeting in a tight economy

Most consumers still look to the Sunday supplements for special offers and to find out which grocery outlet will offer them the best prices for the coming week. With the current state of the economy, it has become essential for many to get their trusted FMCG brands at the best price.

Sunday’s ROI

These are just some of the indicators of the value of advertising in Sunday titles. Ads24’s Sunday Community includes City Press, Rapport, Netwerk24, Sunday Sun and Son op Sondag and has a combined Cumulative Impact of 8.7 million across all these news platforms. This impact score or GRP can be immediately compared with television (TVRs). The Effective Reach opportunity of the Ads24 Sunday Community (reach at 1+) is 4.9 million and Duplicated Reach (reach at 3+) is 2.1 million.

I am not saying that Sunday newspapers and their digital properties are the only way to get a great return on investment (ROI) from adspend, but I am saying this is one good way. Ads24 are more than happy to help put together a cross-platform media plan that allows their Sunday Community to speak for itself.


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