Follow the Beat of the Mass Market

23 May 2016

There is one sure way to find yourself in the heart of the mass market community, look for Adsman and explore fascinating insights by industry experts in, the soon to be launched -The Beat Mass Market Edition.

This exciting Ads24 trade publication will be hand-delivered to media agencies countrywide in May, with another imaginative, interactive infographic insert. Amongst the well-researched, fun facts are three thought provoking articles.

The first looks at the synergy created by a multi-platform approach to a marketing campaign that was a huge hit with the mass market. The second is an interview with Lebo Mofshegoa from Foshizi, who unpacks the Afropolitan mindset. The third is about creating a 360° campaign that builds a relationship with a community, by Chris Roper, editor-in-chief of Soccer Laduma.

Readers can look forward to seeing Adsman feeling at home amongst Ads24 mass market title readers, representing the way in which these Ads24 newspapers are an integral part of the community. Readers can catch up on the latest news in Beat Box and stand a chance to win one of two really spectacular prizes from a leading global, much-loved brand. All this and more will be found in The Beat Mass Market Edition.

The winner of The Beat Local Newspaper Edition competition is Aynie Holland from Carat Cape Town. She won a R15 000 shopping spree at a local mall, by correctly recalling that the total population of Denmark, rather than South Africa or Ghana, is less than the 6.2 million Ads24 local title readers.