Local Newspaper Readers Turn to Tame Times Local Newspapers in Gauteng

06 May 2016

Local newspapers go from strength to strength in a challenging economic climate, it seems that people are still interested in what is happening in their communities and they turn to their local title to keep them informed.

Gauteng is South Africa’s smallest province yet is home to 10.1 million adults or 26% of South Africa’s population. It is South Africa’s economic hub and includes the City of Johannesburg, the City of Tshwane, the West Rand, Ekurhuleni and Sedibeng. It has the highest per-capita income in the country. Gauteng is home to two of South Africa’s most important cities, Johannesburg the financial capital and Pretoria the national capital. It is the economic powerhouse of the country accounting for a third of the GDP and houses the head offices of multiple industry sectors and is a key business travel destination.

According to Brand SA’s website, “With only 1.4% of South Africa’s land area, the tiny province of Gauteng punches way above its weight, contributing around 34% to the national economy and some 7% to the GDP of the entire African continent. The province has the most important educational and health centres in the country. The most important economic sectors are financial and business services, logistics and communications, and mining’ (with coal, diamond and gold deposits).

“The province is essentially one big city, with 97% of its population living in urban centres. The province’s economy is moving away from traditional heavy industry markets and low value-added production towards sophisticated high value-added production, particularly in information technology, telecoms and other high-tech industries.”

Ads24 has seven tame Times titles in Gauteng with a total readership of 792 000. These Ads24 titles include tame Times Boksburg (readership 190 000), tame times Kathorus (370 000), tame Times Alberton & Germiston (59 000), tame times Johannesburg South (49 000), tame Times Bedfordview and Edenvale (35 000), Hammanskraal News (64 000) and tame Times Reigerpark Bulletien (25 000).

These titles are successful at attracting young readers, over one in five (21%) are under 25 years of age, 43% are young nest-builders (aged 20-34 years), equipping and furnishing their homes. In Gauteng 60% of readers are in the economically active lifestage (ages 25-49 years old) and 70% are in most active acquisition living stage (LSM 5-8). Almost half the readers have substantial means and are in the upper LSMs 8-10.

Ads24 local title readers in Gauteng are loyal to their papers and 96% will continue reading their tame Times title. Engagement levels are good, 45% read their paper thoroughly and close to a third keep the paper for at least a week or longer. 74% believe it’s important to support local shops. 71% prefer receiving inserts in a newspaper, 96% read pamphlets in newspapers, 70% of readers compare prices before go shopping and 63% use shopping lists.