Ads24 welcomes the appointment of a new content head

16 Jul 2019

Ads24 welcomes the appointment of Gayle Edmunds as the strategic projects editor of its new content hub. Edmunds brings her enthusiasm and broad experience in the journalism industry to this exciting position, having worked most recently at City Press, a publication she served for more than 14 years. Edmund's started out on the subs desk before moving to the position of managing editor, a position she held for more than seven years.

Speaking about her expectations for the new role, Edmund’s says: “I expect to expand on an existing portfolio of work to include those Ads24s clients who want to try something new and exciting to reach end consumers. I hope to reinforce the power of well-crafted content and how it can change the world if it is created for that purpose. I believe that moving to this role enhances that ability as it opens up the possibilities of more and more powerful partnerships across platforms, formats and audiences.”

Edmunds graduated with a Master’s degree in journalism from Rhodes University and began her career in journalism in 1999, she’s worked across the board for a number of publications taking on roles as layout sub-editor, sub-editor, senior writer among others.

“We are delighted to have someone with Gayle Edmund’s experience to head up this new and exciting role,” says Marise van der Lith, Brand Manager for Ads24. “This marks and exciting evolution in Ads24’s client offerings. We believe she is the perfect person to spearhead this department and we can’t wait to see her enthusiasm, professionalism and creativity in action.”




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