High Roller Sunday readers have a combined annual spending power of R330bn

21 Nov 2016

Almost one in three South Africans who read a Sunday paper read City Press, Rapport or Netwerk24. These ‘High Rollers’ as Ads24 has called them, have a combined annual spending power of R330 billion. Their average household income is R19 910 and their average personal income is R10 711 per month. The average age of these ‘High Rollers’ is 40, and some have been 40 for over 10 years. Just over a quarter million of these readers are interested in golf - the game not the car.

Reaching readers

The total Cumulative Impact of Ads24’s Sunday ‘High Rollers’ who read City Press, Rapport or Netwer24, across all these platforms is 4.4 million. The Effective Reach Opportunity of this audience segment is 3.1 million (Reach@ 1+) and Duplicated Reach is 2 million (Reach @ 3+).

Enjoying the good life

The Ads24 ‘High Rollers’ are three times more likely than your average South African to go on holiday and they have a particular preference for visiting game parks. On a normal weekend they are two times more likely to braai and one in three of them will be found watching rugby. This is not all about beer though, the ‘High Rollers’ drink 608 000 bottles of sparkling wine a month. This may or may not be related, but they also drink 5.1 million energy drinks per week (their visits to the loo are proportionate).

Shopper delight

Half the ‘High Rollers’ shop for pleasure, the other half are probably men. Across the gender divide 62% of ‘High Rollers’ bulk shop with top-ups in between. Most of this group share decision making with their partners, some resort to Rock/Paper/Scissors in a stalemate situation. The majority (62%) use instant messaging platforms to connect, the other 38% rely on Morse code.

Stashing their cash

Compared to the average population, Ads24’s ‘High Rollers’ are twice as likely to have investments and 452 000 of them own a sedan - there may or may not be a correlation, but it is unlikely that on the whole they stash their cash in their boots.

Sunday newspapers and intellectual pursuits

All these ‘High Rollers’ use Sunday newspapers to catch-up on current events that happened in the week. Quite a few of them, 291 000 do crossword puzzles or brain teasers monthly and 444 000 use the educational features in the Sunday newspaper when helping their kids with school projects. They like to keep fit in body and mind and 58% have never smoked, not even in their rebellious teenage years.

Source: AMSP2015AB/EM August 2016/Facebook/Twitter/Instagram



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Sources: AMPS 2015AB/EM August 2016/Facebook/Twitter/Instagram


 Sources: AMPS 2015AB/EM August 2016/Facebook/Twitter/Instagram

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