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06 Apr 2020

 Gayle Edmunds - Special Projects Editor, Ads24

‘We are living and recording history – but as journalists we are also in the frontline of fighting this virus. It is more than a story, it is a responsibility.’– Mondli Makhanya, editor-in-chief, City Press

Global news consumption is on the increase, as the world tries to keep up with Covid-19’s virulent spread. Traditional media, the champion of accurate, credible reporting, has once again become the go-to platforms for regular updates. This is because since the dawn of the press, journalists have always been at the forefront of wars and challenging historic events, to record the evolution of history to readers.

It is no different when covering this global pandemic, as our trusted stable of editors reveal. “Newspapers have a proud record of publishing in times of crisis, from wars to famines, and this crisis is no different,” explains Rapport Editor Waldimar Pelser. “We believe that better outcomes are achieved if the public is equipped with good information so that they can make responsible decisions.”

It is in times of uncertainty that credible news sources become even more valuable to the reading public, because the cost of inaccurate information can be fatal.

At a time when most South Africans are faced with extraordinary circumstances, Media24’s editorial independence has never been more important. Because no one sets our agenda, we can deliver quality, trustworthy, fact-checked journalism every day – even in constrained circumstances.

“We were all thrust into a new environment in just a blink of an eye and forced to adapt to new ways of operating with no preparation and no rehearsals. We have provided our audiences with quality, in-depth and up-to date content and will no doubt continue to do so and get even better as this massive story evolves,” assures Mondli Makhanya, editor-in-chief City Press.

Fairness and balance
Media24’s brands are governed by the South African Press Council’s code of conduct and all the work done is underpinned by journalistic ethics. This means all content is edited and fact-checked, and our editors are the last word in ensuring fairness and balance – while holding the powerful and corrupt to account.

“In this heightened state of anxiety during the lockdown, our readers need us even more now to bring them credible and trusted information they can rely on, especially to counter the flood of fake news that regularly circulates on social media platforms,” notes Daily Sun Editor Mapula Nkosi.

Media24 journalists are on the streets holding both government and civil society accountable. This was evident on the first day of lockdown: it was journalists who reported and showed how the lockdown was affecting all of us. It was journalists who exposed the profiteers and rule breakers – and will continue to do so.

“Even though this is a big story for us as journalists, it is much more than that. It is no exaggeration to say other than the wars, genocides and famines; humanity has never experienced such tragedy in the past century. We are living and recording history, but as journalists we are also in the frontline of fighting this virus. It is more than a story, it is a responsibility,” adds Makhanya.
Journalism – across platforms – is again proving that in a time of crisis it is of paramount importance for society to function from a place of knowledge. The onus on responsible brands and marketers is to associate with truth always, and to support the brands that disseminate this truth.

Assuring brand safety
Media24 comes to the table with a huge, ready-built, relevant audience. We operate across all platforms – from the lasting power of print to the immediacy of digital and social media postings. We can reach our audience anywhere, anytime, and that makes us a valuable asset for any company or organisation wanting to reach existing and new customers.

We create bespoke, relevant content with a strong journalistic underpinning. Our readers come first – it is our job to identify the market and create content that helps our readers live their best lives. So, we don’t sell bread and milk, rather we create excellent content delivered in multiple formats and channels so that it’s available in the way consumers want to digest it.

The Ads24 sales team is well versed in creating advertising and communication packages that reach specified audiences across multiple platforms, and ensure a safe environment for your brand messaging.

With this, brands are assured that there are multiple checks and balances in place to ensure that their content is in a safe environment. The only question they need to answer is this: would you want your brand to be associated with the noise and fake news of social media, or do you want to get your message out via a media house with a massive track record of providing edited, curated and thoughtful content?


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