The Afrikaans market is the second biggest market in South Africa

28 Sep 2016

Not only is the Afrikaans market the second biggest in South Africa, but it is made up of big spenders. On average, Afrikaans speakers earn R20 357 per month. A whopping 92% of this market prefer to read in their own language (92% van Afrikaanssprekendes verkies om te lees in hul eie taal). The vast majority (88%) like to see advertising that reflects their culture. That’s a lot of annoyed people if you resort to stereotype.

The numbers behind the reach

Ads24’s Afrikaans reader community has a Total Cumulative Impact across all platforms of 5.7 million, this impact score can be compared to other media channels within a multi-channel ecosystem, by way of reviewing Ads24 ratings against TVRs for example. The Ads24 Afrikaans newspaper bundle includes: Beeld, Die Burger, Volksblad, Rapport and Netwerk24. Ads24’s Afrikaans reader community has an Effective Reach Opportunity (reach at 1+) of 2.7 million, and Duplicated Read (Reach at 3+) is 1.6 million.

They are connected

Most of the digital engagement (70%) is via mobile, with the remaining (30%) via a PC or desktop. 951 000 Afrikaans readers use their mobiles for social networking and 61% of this market use social media. This market enjoys online shopping and are 1.3 times more likely to have groceries delivered to their homes.

Old school is cool

Having said this 80% of this market still access their accounts via ATMs or at their bank. Afrikaans speakers like to be hip and happening and on the forefront of new technological advancements, but at the same time, they have a respect for tradition and for the tried and tested.

Appearances matter

The Afrikaans market likes to look good and take care of their appearance. 40% of Ads24’s Afrikaans readers get their hair done every month.

The effectiveness of Afrikaans adverting

Karen Meiring says in an article on Bizcommunity, “Yes Afrikaans speakers understand English, but Afrikaans is a commercial language. Afrikaans music, for example, is the best selling genre of the music industry in the country. The point is that Afrikaans communities support Afrikaans products - they attend festivals, theatre productions, music shows and films, and listen to radio and watch television in Afrikaans.”

Afrikaans speakers also read newspapers in Afrikaans and are more likely to support products advertised in newspapers that support their culture and way of life. Ads24 holds the key to unlocking the hearts, minds and wallets of a great many consumers in the Afrikaans market. They do this by building their trust and earning their respect – by communicating with them on their terms and in their language.

In an article on the SA Creative Network’s website, Dr Theuns Eloff, chairman of Die Dagbreek Trust says, “Many Afrikaans advertisements have been made that were even found to be entertaining by other language groups ... Maybe the time has come for Afrikaans people to take a stand. Their buying power is still substantial enough to insist on Afrikaans advertisements without being negative.”


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