Case Study

Media24's groundbreaking study, in collaboration with Brand Metrics, overturns traditional ad frequency capping norms, demonstrating that higher ad frequencies significantly enhance campaign success. Conducted across various industries, the research found that campaigns with increased frequency caps saw up to 33.6% higher brand lift scores, particularly in Beauty, Insurance, and Banking & Finance sectors. This revelation encourages advertisers to rethink frequency limitations, promising improved ROI and campaign performance. Media24's findings advocate for a strategic approach to ad frequency, promising a new era of advertising effectiveness.

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Media24 Local News

Local Newspapers are deeply rooted in their communities. Market leaders in their own towns. Tried, tested and trusted to deliver credible marketing and advertising messages with unprecedented reach and penetration.


Gen Z is the world’s largest generation group, accounting for one third of the global population. Adspace24 delved into the views of South Africa’s diverse digital natives during dedicated focus groups held in Johannesburg and Cape Town. We wanted to understand more about this generation and their relationship with brands within our ever-evolving world. See what our research reveals about their outlook from a South African perspective.

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Local News Research 2022

Valuable cutting-edge reader and market research findings brought to you by Media24 Local News and Adspace24 was conducted by Our leading panel research partner Forum24. Media24 Local News represents diverse audiences across the South African experience, sharing the stories of everyone whether they call the winelands, the coast, the city or the bush home. See what our research reveals about our Local newspaper brands and their audience.

Trust In News

Trusted news platforms provide a quality, brand safe environment for brands to advertise. Gain more insight about how trust and curation is vital for brands when communicating with engaged customers and sharing brand stories that have editorial value with commercial clout.