Know more, succeed more

Providing far-reaching branding solutions won’t always culminate in success, unless combined with the insights that allow for long-term growth.

That’s exactly why we provide extensive knowledge and insights across all our media solutions, aimed at giving our clients access to rich data that provides valuable information enabling our sales teams to partner with you to make informed marketing decisions.

Our mapping capabilities can import vast volumes of data to provide insightful and visual representations of all data and demographics.

To take our insight capabilities to the next level we have also created our own in-house marketing tool capable of carrying out online surveys to a database of over 36,000 panelists throughout the country and is managed by our accredited researchers.

Forum24 is available to our clients and research houses for online research, contact us for a quote.

Our Media Intelligence offers:

  • Ad-Spend
  • Audience segmentation
  • PAMS
  • Brand Lift
  • Mapping with various data layers
  • Geo-coding and geo-targeting
  • Competitor analysis
  • Footprint analysis
  • Client focused Workshops

Get in touch today to find a branding solution that will create a meaningful connection for your brand with its target market.

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